Amtrak Passengers Delayed for Hours on Day Before Thanksgiving

Amtrak Train 86 rolled into Boston's South Station three hours behind schedule the day before Thanksgiving.

"Every few minutes or so, the train would start, and then it would just stop," said passenger Olinah Hassan. "And the power would go on and off, and they'd ask us to please be patient."

The train started in Richmond, Virginia, early Wednesday morning. There were no major problems until Connecticut, and that's when things started to bog down.

Passengers were told there were problems with the engine.

"The engine blew out," said passenger Remy Nation. "And then they said something was struck by lightning."

The train finally arrived in Boston at almost 8 p.m.

"It was really hot in our car," said passenger Emily Koester. "People were complaining about the heat."

Amtrak wouldn't say what exactly happened with the train, only that there were mechanical issues.

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