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Attorney for Manchester Murder Suspect Presents Surveillance Footage in Court

Surveillance footage has been released as authorities investigate a shooting that left a 34-year-old mother dead in Manchester, New Hampshire.

At a bail hearing Tuesday for murder suspect Justin Moura, prosecutors showed surveillance video of the moments leading up to the shooting death of Tanya Hall outside ManchVegas Bar and Grill.

Because the court paperwork is sealed in the case, it's the first time authorities have publicly commented on what exactly happened on the night of March 2.

Moura entered the Hillsborough County Superior Court in an orange jumpsuit Tuesday. The courtroom was packed with emotional family members there to support the murder suspect.

"This was not intended to happen this way," said Moura's uncle, Ed Souza. "This was the biggest mistake of his life."

"He's a good person, a wonderful father, a good nephew," his aunt told reporters.

Moura is charged with second-degree murder. At a hearing Tuesday, prosecutors argued he should be held without bail.

They say Moura and Hall's boyfriend, Jeremy Winslow, got into a fight inside the bar. Moura allegedly followed Winslow outside, chased down his blue Jeep, and then opened fire, hitting Hall in the back with a bullet.

The lead investigator on the case, Kevin Jusza of the Manchester Police Department, took the stand and explained what Moura had to say when he turned himself in to police.

"Upon arrival, he spoke to officers in the lobby and told them that he was the shooter and that he was the one who shot the woman over the weekend," Jusza said.

According to defense attorney Stephen Rosecan, Moura claims this was an accident and that he never meant to hurt Hall.

Rosecan asked Jusza if Moura said, "I can't believe a girl my age is dead." Jusza replied that the suspect was being quoted correctly.

Rosecan presented a segment of surveillance video from outside ManchVegas that shows Winslow's Jeep lurching forward, hitting Moura, and throwing him to the ground.

"Not only had the Jeep come forward and struck Mr. Moura, but he claimed to hear Mr. Winslow say, 'I will kill you,'" Rosecan explained.

The defense claims that Moura pulled his weapon in self-defense and chased the Jeep to get a license plate number, and that his firearm only discharged because it was possibly struck by Winslow's Jeep swerving into him again before taking off.

"Unfortunately, accidents happen. Tragic accidents happen, and this was a tragic accident," Rosecan told the court.

Winslow is facing charges stemming from the shooting investigation, including cocaine possession and driving without a license on the night of the incident. He was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty to those charges.

The judge didn't make an immediate decision on bail, which means Moura will be held without bail until she does.

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