More Than 60 Dogs, Cats Found Living in Filthy Conditions in Auburn, Massachusetts

Homeowners to be charged with animal cruelty

A Massachusetts couple is facing charges after dozens of animals were found living in unsanitary conditions in their Auburn home.

Police said a search warrant was executed at 4 Buron Terrace on Tuesday after receiving a report.

Authorities said once inside, the home was deemed to be unfit.

A total of 61 cats and dogs, including two litters of puppies and four litters of kittens, were removed with the help of the Animal Rescue League of Boston on Wednesday. The animals will be medically evaluated.

Police said the homeowners, who have not been identified, will be charged with animal cruelty and operating a kennel without a license.

Animal control officers tell NBC10 Boston they're still checking the property for more animals, and that traps have been set up to see if there are more animals hiding in the ceiling.

Meanwhile, one of the homeowners told NBC10 Boston the animals were her life. She said she's been breeding animals for decades, and that one dog litter involved 17 puppies.

"I think one dog that isn't taken care of is too much," said JeanAnn Anger, who lives in the home. "I loved them. I have four generations at my home. I've been doing this for 30 years."

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