Coyotes Fatally Attack Dog in Woburn, Police Warn, ‘You Are Your Animal's Best Protection'

Police urged residents not to leave smaller pets outside unsupervised, saying coyotes are "very active" in the area.

A dog was mauled to death by at least two coyotes in Woburn, Massachusetts, Tuesday, prompting authorities there to warn the public to keep an eye on their pets.

In a Facebook post, Woburn police said the incident occurred in the area of Valley Road and Harrison Avenue.

They added that coyotes are “very active” in the area and that pet owners should not leave smaller animals outside unsupervised. 

"Please do not leave smaller animals outside alone. You are your animal’s best protection," police said.

In April, authorities in Everett warned locals after a coyote was caught on camera playing with a ball in a backyard.

Everett residents are being warned after a coyote was seen on video in a yard, playing with a child’s toy.
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