Boston, Quincy Remain At Odds over Long Island Bridge Construction

After community concern, it appears heavy construction vehicles won’t be cutting through Quincy neighborhoods as the battle over construction of the Long Island Bridge continues.

Boston says it will still go on with the next phase of the Long Island bridge reconstruction project, using barges instead of trucks to transport portions of the bridge.

But Quincy mayor Thomas Koch says his fight is just getting started.

"We don’t want the bridge," Koch said.

While he wants the proposed drug treatment center to be built on the island, he's concerned about all the traffic and congestion it will likely bring to the surrounding Quincy neighborhoods.

"We want to weigh in and make it as difficult as it can for the city of boston to build it, if not stop it," Koch said.

Koch is considering all legal options and keeping the proposed ordinance in place banning commercial vehicles over a certain weight and size from entering neighborhoods like Squantum.

"That neighborhood is not built for that type of access," he said.

Last January, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced plans for construction and a new drug treatment center on the island, which is owned by Boston. But the roads to get there belong to Quincy, and the only entrance to get in is lined by residential homes.

Walsh was unavailable for comment, but his press team says the barges are now being used for environmental reasons, and has nothing to do with pressure from Quincy's mayor.

"Mayor Walsh’s staff has been in contact with their counterparts in quincy regarding the construction of the bridge," said Walsh's press team.

"That would be news to me," Koch said.

Koch says he's frustrated by the lack of collaboration, and hopes Boston considers other options like ferry service to bring people over to the island.

"I continue to be surprised and disappointed that Mayor Walsh’s team has not made a sincere effort to really listen to Quincy," Koch said.

Bridge reconstruction is expected to begin sometime next year.

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