Sex Offender Charged With Stalking Faces Additional Charges, Including Witness Intimidation

Ryan Abramo suffers from mental health issues, his brother told NBC10 Boston

A registered sex offender from Shrewsbury, accused of threatening and harassing several employees at the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, answered to new charges Thursday when he faced a judge.

Ryan Abramo, 41, appeared in Middlesex Superior Court after his indictment on stalking. He was charged with a total of three counts of stalking and one count of witness intimidation. 

Abramo pleaded not guilty to the charges and was ordered held without bail after the judge found him to be dangerous.

According to court paperwork obtained by NBC10 Boston, Abramo is accused of calling the Billerica office of the registry board starting in 2016 as many as 30 times a day. Employees told Billerica police the comments went from annoying to threatening.

Most recently, in May 2019, a female employee said Abramo told her that he would be "waiting for her at her car after work to watch a gang of (expletive) rape her."

That same month, another employee said Abramo called him racial slurs and said, "I'll come up there with my shotgun and blast you."

A third employee said he was also threatened by Abramo in February of this year.

According to the police report, there are 169 entries dating back to 2002 in Abramo's file at the registry where employees would document the behavior. Abramo has been ordered to stop countless times in the past, but employees told police he never listens.

Abramo's brother told NBC10 Boston in Shrewsbury Tuesday that Abramo suffers from mental health issues. He was convicted of assault with intent to rape back in 1998, but he said Abramo is not violent, just upset because he feels his status as a sex offender is ruining his life.

The Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board would not comment on the case.

Abramo is due back in court until at least September for a dangerousness hearing.

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