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Boston Fast-Food Workers Walk Out on the Job

Workers are participating in a nation-wide strike, demanding higher pay and stronger union protections.

Fast-food workers in Boston are taking part in a national strike for $15 an hour and stronger union rights.

The strike was set to begin at 6 a.m. on Monday. Fast-food workers from places like McDonald's and Burger King walked off the job and into the streets.

Strikers say that their demands are not just for a higher minimum wage, but also for union rights in order to fix the economic and political systems in the U.S. that are rigged to benefit big corporations over working people.

The announcement in Boston comes as the Fight for $15 and the Service Employees International Union join forces ahead of the 2018 election on a massive voter engagement drive aimed at unseating anti-worker politicians and electing leaders who support a $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights.

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