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Boston Globe Endorses Elizabeth Warren for Democratic Nomination

The newspaper's endorsement comes one week before Massachusetts votes on Super Tuesday

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The Boston Globe's editorial board has endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for the Democratic nomination for president, the paper said Tuesday evening.

“It is Warren’s efforts to put money lost by reckless bankers during the financial crisis back in people’s pockets, and to protect consumers from predatory lenders and credit card contracts, that give her the bona fides to be president,” the editorial board wrote.

The senator from Massachusetts is trailing, but that's not going to put her out of the race.

Warren’s call for unity among Democrats made a lasting impression on the board, according to the endorsement. In comparison to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the paper thought Warren could see the bigger picture.

“Unlike Senator Sanders, whose ideological adherence to his agenda often flies in the face of facts and evades precise figures, Senator Warren is willing to adapt to changing circumstances and political concerns,” the Editorial Board explained.

The endorsement comes after the editorial board in 2018 called on Warren to carefully consider whether or not to jump into the race, calling her a "divisive figure" who had "missed her moment" after falling short of the nomination in 2016.

Warren has been struggling to keep up with Sanders in early voting states, but her home state has yet to vote. Last week, a UMass Lowell poll showed Warren and Sanders neck-and-neck among Bay State voters.

Massachusetts will vote on Super Tuesday along with 13 other states.

Meanwhile, the board also endorsed former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld for the Republican nomination, saying he was an "astute, able, and affable" alternative to President Donald Trump.

The Globe’s editorial board is comprised of a group of opinions writers and editors. They do not belong to the newsroom or take positions on political issues of the local, state and national level, according to the paper.

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