Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Releases Plan for More Housing as City Expands

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Boston's population is growing faster than expected, so its mayor is stepping up efforts to build more housing.

Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh on Wednesday released a plan for the city to build nearly 70,000 units of new housing by 2030. His administration is on track to meet a previous target of 53,000 units but new data suggests the city is growing faster than anticipated.

The administration projects Boston could have almost 760,000 people by 2030, up from a previous estimate of about 710,000 residents. The city is undergoing its largest building boom in generations but construction isn't keeping up with demand.

Walsh says his administration will make sure a significant portion of new housing is affordable.

"Creating affordable housing and addressing housing costs is critical as we preserve the diversity and character that makes Boston a city for all residents," said Walsh. "Homes are where every resident in every neighborhood deserves to feel safe and supported.

Joseph Kriesberg, President of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC), said his organization was excited about the updated plan.

"The plan includes specific and sizeable commitments to add more than 15,000 affordable homes to our city, to preserve existing low-cost housing, and drive growth to sensible locations," Kriesberg said. "We also applaud Mayor Walsh for working closely with cities and towns across the region to address the housing crisis throughout Eastern Massachusetts because this problem can only be addressed at the regional level."

Walsh aims to have nearly 70,000 of all housing units be income-restricted by 2030.

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