Shark Sighting Closes Cape Cod Beach for 2nd Consecutive Day

A Cape Cod beach has been closed for the second consecutive day due to a shark sighting on Wednesday.

Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro will be closed until at least 1:15 p.m., according to officials.

It's been a busy week for shark sightings in the waters around Massachusetts.

On Monday, one was spotted in the waters off of Plymouth, closing all beaches, and the other at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, while one was spotted just off of the Head of the Meadow Beach around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

In the last week alone, there have been more than 20 shark sightings off the Cape, and more than 60 over the past month.

Great white sharks have been seen in the waters off of Massachusetts since mid-June and are expected to hang out until October.

Experts urge swimmers to stay away from seals; to never swim, kayak or paddleboard alone; to avoid swimming at dawn and dusk; and to not wear jewelry while in the water.

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