Fall River

Cargo Train Derails, Spilling Diesel Fuel in Fall River

The environmental impact of the spilled diesel fuel is the primary concern, Fall River police said. No injuries have been reported

A cargo train carrying approximately 18,000 gallons of diesel fuel derailed Monday night in Fall River, Massachusetts, spilling fuel onto the tracks, police announced.

Fall River police were called to the area of North Main and Clark streets around 7:30 p.m. for what was reported as a derailed freight train carrying hazardous cargo.

Responding personnel determined there was no immediate threat to public safety, and no injuries have been reported.

According to police, the train was travelling south when it collided with a tree that had fallen onto the tracks. The low-speed collision caused the train to come off the rails, though it remained upright.

During the derailment, however, the diesel fuel tank for the train was punctured and began to leak, police said. A clean-up company was called and is responding to the scene. It was not immediately clear how much fuel had spilled.

Police said it is important to note that the train’s cargo is intact. The environmental impact of the spilled diesel fuel is the primary concern. Emptying the diesel fuel tank is the first priority. Once that is done, workers can begin to get the train back on track.

Representatives from the train company, Mass Coastal Railroad, were on scene Monday night.

The Fall River police and fire departments are providing assistance.

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