Chicken & Rice Guys Shut Down in Boston for E. Coli Outbreak

Boston Inspectional Services says between nine and 12 people have confirmed cases of E. coli after eating at various Chicken and Rice Guys around the city. Half of them had to be hospitalized.

As a result, all business operations for Chicken and Rice Guys in the city, three restaurants and three food trucks, have been temporarily shutdown.

Customer Ray Norris walked up to the Allston restaurant to find the doors locked and lights out.

"I really like this place," said Norris. "I've been eating here for a while, but me and my whole family got sick from eating here."

Chicken and Rice Guys have six code violations including one for "inadequate facilities/cooling methods" and "clean clothes/hair restraints."

A note from the inspector on the latter charge reads: "Provide hair restraints."

Inspectional Services was first notified about the issue Tuesday afternoon.

"(E. coli) can carry in food products," said William "Buddy" Christoper, Commissioner of Boston Inspectional Services. "It can be from personal habits. Until the department of public health, because they're the ones who determine what the cause of this is, until they tell us what they're finding is, we won't know what the real cause was."

All tucks and restaurants in the city are being sanitized. Locations in Somerville and Medford are also being cleaned.

"We think they're as a good as any of the other restaurants out there," said Christopher. "They run a good operation. They seem to be really involved in what they do."

The restaurants and food trucks in Boston will remain closed until they are cleared by the Board of Health.

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