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Cool Air Funneling In With Help From Northwest Wind

It’s finally time to turn off the fire hose. After countless storms, record rainfall and flooded streets, rivers and streams, the pattern has changed. We have a nice, dry, stretch ahead as we watch the cold funnel in over the next couple of days.

But not Monday. After the fog peels back, the mild winds will come in from the southwest as the sun returns to the picture. It’s the perfect recipe for an early December warmup.

Highs will peak near 60 in many spots by the afternoon! Just as soon as the sun sets, however, the cooler air will be funneling in on a steady northwest wind.

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Cool air turns cold by Tuesday. Then it barely reaches freezing by Wednesday. While our nearest storm threat will be well off Nantucket by Wednesday night, the cold temperatures will give us the midwinter feel at times with wind chills well into the teens.

This cold should be enough to keep the storms at arm’s distance, but we’ll remain vigilant through the end of the week. Although no major storms are in the pipeline (not even by the weekend as of this typing), it won’t take much to spin up a storm with all this cold air around.

Until then, enjoy the dry days, even if they’re cold.

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