Danvers Man Uses Over 90,000 Lights in Holiday Display

Onlookers can enjoy the spectacle and donate to Children's Hospital

Shawn Elliott recalls the brilliance of past holiday seasons.

"I can remember as a child myself going to houses and just being in complete awe, and those houses are gone now," says Elliott. 

And the Danvers resident is keeping the tradition going--with plenty of lights. 

"I know it's upwards of about 90,000 lights, but I really couldn't tell you how many pieces I have here." Pressed for a guess, Elliott estimates over a thousand. 

As soon as Halloween is over, Elliott's Arthur Street home is transformed into a winter wonderland. There's Elsa, Charlie Brown, and his famous waterfall. 

"Ok, as of the last five years, thank God for the LEDs, my light bill only goes up about $150 per month. As opposed to years ago where it was an additional $300 a month." 

With over a thousand different decorations in the front yard, Shawn's display wasn't enough for this holiday season. His neighbor wanted to join in on the fun as well. 

"He kind of got the hint that maybe he should start doing his too. And I convinced him to do it and we've been doing it together ever since." 

After cutting down two large shrubs to make room for more holiday cheer, both homes have drawn major crowds.This year the lights will have a special meaning for the Children's Hospital, as onlookers will have a chance to donate while enjoying the spectacular display. 

"I got Children's Hospital involved. They bring the kids down on the buses. I hear stories that just breaks my heart sometimes. Just push me to do even more each year." 

With the spectacle, does come the occasional questions about whether the display is tacky.

"Oh yes, we have those people. I respect that, they think it's too much. And I just remind them, it's not about me, not about you, it's for the kids." 

Elliott is bringing a smile to children and adults, one LED light at a time. 

This is story is the first in a series that showcases the best holiday light displays in New England. 

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