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Upcoming Rainstorm Threatens Dry and Quiet Weather

The next couple of days bring dry and quiet weather ahead of our next storm – a rainstorm slated from Thursday night to early Saturday morning. In the interim, wispy clouds will drift through the sky, and play little more than a decorative role through Thursday until they thicken later Thursday.

With much less wind than Tuesday, both Wednesday and Thursday will feel terrific with highs in the 40s, even pushing 50 degrees. Thursday feeling pretty close to that thanks to an absence of significant wind chill.

With Friday’s approaching storm pulling west of New England, the counter-clockwise flow of air around the storm's center will usher a warm southerly wind up the Eastern Seaboard, boosting Friday’s high temperatures to near 60 degrees in Southern New England.

This is while the storm drags tropical moisture north to load the atmosphere enough to crank out a couple inches of rain between overnight Thursday night and early Saturday morning. That will result in localized urban and street flooding, and push some smaller rivers above bankful.

Though Saturday starts a weekend drying trend, a few recurring showers are still possible, as are mountain snow showers, as upper-level energy moves overhead and pushes our storm off to the east.

One more disturbance will move directly overhead on Monday – Christmas Eve Day – and is the reason we have a chance of snow showers in the forecast, particularly for Monday morning. Our exclusive in-house forecast system puts the chance of snow at 40 percent Monday, ahead of what is sure to be a dry Christmas and midweek in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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