FIRST ALERT: 95 to 100 Degree Temps Arrive This Weekend

Although we’ve declared a First Alert for Friday through Sunday, we’re in the midst of a one-day reprieve from the heat in New England.

This short break follows Wednesday’s late thunderstorms, as a northeast wind sweeps cooler and less humid air in for all but the South Coast. In the change of air, and with some atmospheric energy lingering aloft, scattered showers with embedded downpours may slowly wane from north to south.

This means South Coastal communities, particularly from southeast Connecticut through southern Rhode Island and the Cape & Islands, will be in and out of showers and embedded downpours much of Thursday. Meanwhile, the opposite end of New England in the north sees sunshine and a delightful day.

Cool temperatures Thursday night will precede an incoming warm front Friday, the leading edge to the return of warmth and humidity that will become increasingly felt from west to east Friday. It will spare only Maine by the day’s end, with most communities seeing high temperatures around 90 and heat index values climbing a bit higher by the day’s end.

Saturday and Sunday bring the crux of the heat: highs 95 to 100 degrees with heat index values either side of 105 degrees during the afternoon, making the heat dangerous and at least periodic relief necessary for people and pets, alike.

Although most of the weekend will be dry, we’ll be watching for any disturbances that may capitalize on the heat to breed strong thunderstorms, with one such disturbance moving from New York State near western New England Friday evening and night. Another will be moving out of the Eastern Great Lakes Saturday night and a final one in southern Canada late Sunday into Sunday night.

None of these are sure to bring thunder to New England but nonetheless, all will be watched.

Thunder is likely with a cold front that breaks the heat Monday, leading to the return of more comfortable, typical summer air for most of next week into the start of next weekend in the exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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