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There's something to be said for wearing the same thing every day. It's a trait of creative geniuses after all, from Mark Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs. Add to that category Jim Koch, the founder of The Boston Beer Company (and a marketing savant in his own right) whose been sporting pleated khakis and a logo'd chambray shirt for as long as you or I can remember.

But since the brand is undergoing a makeover – Boston Lager recently changed its look to become younger and a bit more badass – Koch figured it was high time he tried some fresh duds, too.

"I’ve worn my signature denim and khakis for the past 20 years because it’s simple and works, whether I’m at the brewery, in a bar, or in the hop fields," Koch told me. "By not having to think about mundane questions like, 'What will I wear today?' I can focus on more important issues like, 'What will I brew today?' When Esquire offered to update my simple wardrobe, I thought it was perfect timing given that our Samuel Adams packaging has just gone through its own makeover."

Koch was joined by Esquire online's contributing style editor, Pete Forester, and senior style editor, Jonathan Evans, yesterday for a Facebook Live video, during which he debuted two new looks for the several hundred people watching, including myself.

I'll admit, having met Koch on several occasions and followed his business pursuits closely for years, it was startling to see him in cuffed jeans and a trendy crewneck sweatshirt.

So will Koch keep the new look, or go back to his tried-and-true uniform? It's tough to tell. (For what it's worth, I think he pulls it off quite well.) But he seems to be enjoying the change – at least to a point.

"I really like the new look, and hope Sam does too," he said. "Especially because neither of us is wearing skinny jeans."

Here's Koch before: 

And here he is sporting his new looks: 

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