Family: Amherst College Student Was Murdered in Mexico

An Amherst College senior found dead in Mexico was murdered, according to a family spokesman's first public comments since the young man's death in March. The story was reported in The Boston Globe.

Andrew Dorogi, 21, a talented football player and student who studied investment banking, was killed while returning from a vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with friends. He was scheduled to graduate from Amherst College, a small, private college in Amherst, Mass. later this month. He had already lined up a job.

The death of Dorogi remains under suspicious circumstances. According to The Daily Mail, which looked into the Dorogi's death, there remain several conflicting accounts of what happened.

Dorogi's body was discovered shortly after midnight on subway tracks at the station on March 16th. Local officials said a preliminary investigation appeared to point to 'manslaughter' but then relabeled the death accidental. Officials said Dorogi had been electrocuted on a 750-volt third rail after falling from an open window at the subway station, according to the Daily Mail.

But autopsy photos showed trauma-related wounds that were seemingly inconsistent with the reported cause of death. Local prosecutors told The Daily Mail that a group of students saw Dorogi fall from an open window - even though he was a tall tight end and the windows barley opened. Station staff told the newspaper that there was a security alert sent shortly before Dorogi died about a 'gringo' in a 'drugged state' two stops away. Dorogi was seen a short time later running on the tracks before his body was discovered, the paper reported.

His mother told the Daily Mail that her son was alone in the subway station without any luggage and had 'no idea why he was there.' The town is reportedly a 30-minute ride from Mexico City's historical downtown and is not a tourist destination, the Daily Mail reports.

Dorogi and his family are from Cleveland, Ohio. A family spokeswoman provided no further comment saying Dorogi's death remains part of an ongoing investigation.

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