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Firefighters Rescue Man, Dog From Icy Sterling Pond

The dog and his owner fell into East Waushacum Pond on Sunday

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A man and a dog were rescued from an icy pond over the weekend by firefighters in Sterling, Massachusetts.

The dog named Max was first to fall into East Waushacum Pond on Sunday. His owner fell in after the canoe he used to try to rescue the animal tipped.

Neighbor Daniel Kloczkowski saw the whole ordeal unfold and was able to call 911 for help.

"I was on the phone with 911 when the owner of the dog flipped in and went in the water also," Kloczkowski recalled.

Kloczkowski said he tried to assist until help arrived but the pair was too far and the ice was just too thin.

A dive team was called up to assist in the rescue, but the divers weren't needed after two firefighters in ice rescue gear went out onto the frozen pond to save the pair.

"We got harnesses up front for the victim," recalled firefighter paramedic Jim Emerton. "It was pretty unsettling to hear that dog had been out on the water at least a half an hour."

Using paddles, crews were able to pull the dog and owner to safety.

Max was treated for hypothermia but authorities said both man and canine were in fine condition by Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters are warning people to be vigilant when going outside as temperatures fluctuate.

"The ice isn't as thick as you think it has been so be careful when you go out," Emerton said. "It's funny. The reaction is we pulled an individual out and we pulled a dog out and a lot of the high fives are for the dog but we wanted to be able to do and it was a good outcome for everyone and that's the best part.

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