Ex-Cambridge Cop Followed Elderly Man to Steal His Wallet, Police Say

Timothy Caulfield allegedly made threatening remarks and took a cellphone and wallet from the victim's pocket

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A former Cambridge police officer has been arrested after he allegedly robbed an elderly Massachusetts man in the victim's garage, authorities said Monday.

Timothy Caulfield, 48, of Framingham, was arrested outside a liquor store in connection to the Jan. 2 robbery of an elderly man, Southborough police said.

He was arrested on charges including unarmed robbery of person over the age of 60, assault and battery of a person over the age of 60 and witness intimidation. He was arraigned Monday in Westborough District Court and released on bail, police said.

Caulfield allegedly sat in a Framingham Stop & Shop parking lot last week and watched as an elderly man took $300 cash out of this ATM.

Caulfield allegedly followed the victim to his Southboro home, where he confronted him in his garage, saying, “I lost my wallet, can I see yours?” according to police

But when the victim responded, “No, get out of here,” Caulfield said, “Do I need to knock you over?” before grabbing the man’s cell phone and wallet out of his pocket and driving off, according to police.

A female in the car with Caulfied, who is also expected to be charged, dropped the empty wallet outside a Framingham liquor store, according to Southboro police.

It was surveillance video from that store that led investigators to Caulfield. And police said that, when they pulled his record, they found that Caulfield had been charged with a similar crime less than two months ago.

Court documents show that Caulfield is accused of stealing food from a Sudbury Farms in Sudbury on Nov. 23 and then grabbed a 70-year-old woman’s purse right out of her shopping cart in the parking lot.

A former Cambridge police officer was arrested after he allegedly robbed an elderly man in Southborough, Massachusetts.

In both instances, when he was arrested, the former Cambridge police officer allegedly admitted to the crimes and “also indicated that he had been having problems recently with drugs (crack) and alcohol, and that he used them for ‘self-harm.’”

The Cambridge Police Department confirmed Caulfield is a former officer who was last with the department in 2016. That year, he lost his firearms license after a restraining order by his live-in girlfriend.

He's is scheduled to return to court on Feb. 14. It is unclear if he has an attorney.

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