Former Boston Celtics Player Opens Wellness Facility for People Battling Addiction

He went from a local basketball hero to a heroin addict, now former Boston Celtic Chris Herren is hoping to help others battle the addictions that ended his career.

He’s opening Herren Wellness in Seekonk next month.

“It’s a whole holistic approach,” Herren said, “ It’s pre-treatment and post-treatment.”

He’s hoping to help people struggling with addiction to heroin, opioids and other problems before they lose everything like he did.

“Would I be playing for the Boston Celtics? Would my career have lasted 10 more years? Probably. For me it’s irrelevant,” Herren said, “There is no assist in my career that can compare to this.”

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The facility at the historic Jacob Hill Inn is using the antique home and more than five acres to give people a safe place. Herren says it’s not a rehab, it’s a place for people to restart or renew their commitment to sobriety.

“It will prevent hearts from being broken,” Herren said, “in the climate today, there are way too many people dying.”

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