Friday Nor'easter to Last Into Weekend

Parts of northern Maine have some fresh snow this morning, but that is separate from the storm that is advancing and will impact most of New England starting late tonight.

It was a weak front that went across northern Maine with 4 or 5 inches of snow in the Crown, otherwise we had a few rain showers overnight with a low temperature mostly in the 40s.

Cold air slowly starts to move in now, with a mixture of sun and clouds, but temperatures rise into the 50s once again, and before falling back later.

Low pressure that originated in the Pacific Ocean is coming at us from the southwest will bring in a period of rain after dark tonight, but at the same time, it's getting colder so rain will be changing to snow in the higher elevations by early tomorrow.

Low pressure in upstate New York will jump and re-develop south of Long Island as it rapidly intensifies midday tomorrow. The result is rain and elevation snow, along with the wind gusting past 60 mph at the shore, and a high tide late morning that may cause moderate to major flooding.

Coastal flooding is exacerbated thanks to another storm in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and along with the timing of a full moon.

Wave heights of 20 to 30 feet with sustained winds over 50 miles an hour at the shore are here for much of tomorrow and tomorrow night, then only slowly letting up on the weekend.

Rainfall of more than 2 1/2 inches is possible, and where that is all snow in the mountains of western New England, that translates into a couple of feet of snow.

Initially the snow level is about 1500 feet elevation, but will gradually come down in elevation as the day goes on.

Rain changes to snow right into Boston, Providence, in Hartford by dark, if not sooner, on Friday, with several inches likely in the cities too.

At the ocean, seas remain high and the wind remains strong, but from the north this weekend we may have several high tide cycles experiencing moderate to major flooding — especially in eastern and north facing shorelines. We may have water levels like back in January but with more onshore wind component and much longer duration.

For the rest of us, the weekend is cold and rather gray with snow or rain showers possible, as the storm slowly pulls away north of Bermuda. Temperatures over the weekend will hold their 40 degrees.

Monday and Tuesday look quiet, but there's another potential colder ocean storm with more rain and snow likely by the middle of next week.

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