Gig Worker Question Could End Up on Mass. Ballots

A potential ballot initiative would classify gig workers such as Uber and DoorDash drivers as company employees, as opposed to independent contractors

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A ballot initiative might give voters the power to determine whether gig workers --such as Uber and DoorDash drivers -- should have the classification of a paid employee instead of the current classification of "independent contractor."

Gig workers in Massachusetts argue that the current laws which classify them as independent contractors prevent them from receiving the same benefits as paid employees, who work hours comparable to many Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers in the state.

MA is Not For Sale, a coalition of various local labor groups, is advocating for the paid employee classification, and claim that tech companies such as Uber and DoorDash are purposely making the issue confusing for voters.

"They're trying to say that if we don't legalize their illegal business model, then they're the ones who are gonna strip all the flexibility from the drivers," said Wes McEnany, campaign manager for MA is Not For Sale.

A ballot identical to the proposed initiative is currently being discussed in the legislature.

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