Neighbor: Groton Quadruple Murder Suspect Was ‘Naked, Muddy'

Common Street in Groton, Massachusetts remains closed off as police continue to investigate a quadruple murder.

Twenty-two-year-old Orion Krause is in custody and he will be charged with four counts of murder. Police have not disclosed his motive but say this appears to be a tragic incident of family violence and all of these people are connected in some way.

Police responded to a call Friday for a person in need of assistance. Information there led them to a second home on Common Street where they found an elderly man and woman, and a middle aged woman dead inside the home. Another middle aged woman was found dead outside the home.

Police say the cause of death is blunt force trauma.

Wagner Alcocer, the neighbor who called 911, told NBC Boston exclusively that the suspect arrived at his back door naked and covered in mud.

"He says to me, 'I need help, I need help. I murdered four poeple,'" said Alcocer. "Straight out; very calm."

Alcocer didn't let Krause into  his home but he gave him a bed sheet to cover himself. Krause waited in his backyard for the police to arrive.

According to Alcocer, police found the suspect's clothing in a wooded area near his home.

Groton Police want people to know the town is safe, as this was not a random act of violence.

Selectman Josh Degen said that the Groton community will hold a vigil for the victims on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. behind the Groton Public Library, on Town Field.

"We live in a small, tight-knit community and must all work through this tragedy together," said Degen. "The vigil will be led by ministers within the community as well as representatives of our municipal government."

The investigation is ongoing and police are not releasing the names of the victims at this time.

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