Your Guide to Watching the ‘This Is Us' Special Post-Super Bowl Episode on NBC10 Boston

While we would love everyone to enjoy the shared experience of watching the highly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode of “This Is Us” live, NBC10 Boston wants to ensure that fans don’t miss a minute.

As such, we’ve gone to great lengths to equip viewers for one of television’s biggest nights of the year!

Here’s what fans need to know:

· The episode is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 4 (10:15 p.m. ET) immediately following the Super Bowl post-game show. However, if the Super Bowl runs long, “This Is Us” will also be pushed back.

· But don’t fret! Sunday’s special episode will also be listed and scheduled on the DVR menu with extra time allotted to help prevent the recording from starting late or cutting off any portion of the episode.

· Be sure to set your DVR for “This Is Us,” your late local news and the special live telecast of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” from Minneapolis, Minn. By setting your DVR for the entire night’s line-up, viewers are almost guaranteed to catch every last minute of “This Is Us” (trust us, you don’t want to miss that last scene!).

· And if all else fails, “This Is Us” will be available Monday, Feb. 5 on digital and mobile platforms, including the NBC App, Hulu, unauthenticated on as well as via most VOD providers.

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