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Gunshots Reported in Boston's Back Bay: ‘It's Scary'

No one had immediately been taken into custody

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Gunfire was reported in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood Wednesday evening, police said.

The gunshots were reported near Fairfield and Boylston streets, but no one was reported injured, Boston police said.

Police combed through the crime scene in a popular upscale shopping and dining area of town where they said shots rang out just before 7:45 p.m.

Ben Mocrami was having dinner with his wife and kids when he heard the first shot.

“I heard the first pop. I wasn’t sure what was it. Then the second pop I knew… I figured it out. I grabbed my daughters [dropped] to the ground,” he said. “My wife grabbed my second daughter to the ground then we heard a series of shots.”

The window on the side of a Fidelity Investments office was blown out, while a few cars parked outside suffered bullet holes.

“Well, it’s scary,” said a Boston resident. “We were going out to dinner and this is what happens.”

Once police cleared the scene, the car owners were left to pick up the pieces.

“I don’t feel lucky, I’m blessed,” said Angie Chebannen. “On our way as we’re driving with a bullet hole on my car we’re gonna stop and get some lottery tickets.”

Police said no arrests have been made, and they don’t have a suspect. An investigation is ongoing.

Back in October, there was a shooting in this exact spot.

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