‘She Worked So Hard': World Cup Champ From Hanson Makes Parents Proud

All the photos on their mantle in the Mewis home, and the Sports Illustrated magazines on their living room table, say it all.

Driving around Hanson, Massachusetts, you will likely notice signs congratulating the town's very own U.S. Women's World Cup champ, Sam Mewis.

The midfielder went to high school in Hanson. Her proud parents, Bob and Melissa, still live there. When NBC10 Boston paid them a visit, the U.S. team's big win over the Netherlands was still very fresh in their minds.

Melissa Mewis recalled the moment her daughter ran up to her after the big win.

"She hugged me and cried a lot and said, 'I love you.' She hugged Bob and said, 'Thank you. I love you.' Because Bob coached her for so long through her youth," she explained. "He's done a lot for her along the way."

It has been a long journey for their daughter to get to this point. The couple says Sam started playing soccer at an early age.

"You could definitely pick her out amongst the kindergarten athletes," Bob Mewis said.

Both parents agree that she blossomed at a young age as a soccer player.

"She was barely 8 when she started playing indoor soccer and it was great," explained Melissa Mewis.

Then came high school and back to back tournaments all over the country. Sam's older sister, Kristie, was also successful at the sport.

"They were so competitive, it was pretty miserable around here," Melissa Mewis said.

That misery obviously paid off. All the photos on their mantle, and the Sports Illustrated magazines on their living room table, say it all.

"When I look back now, Sam wouldn't be where she is today without Kristie. And that's physically, mentally and emotionally," Melissa Mewis said.

The parents say they couldn't be more proud.

"She can just let it all go and just be relieved," Sam Mewis' mother said, fighting back tears. "She worked so hard."

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