Heaps of Mild Air On The Way

With highs in the low and mid-40s, it was a typical spring day today.

Only thing is, we're still in winter.

Get used to it. Winter is on hiatus for a while, and warmth is surging back to New England. Highs over the next few days will be WAY above normal, and possibly challenge records in spots.

Southwest breezes will help boost us into the 50s tomorrow, despite the clouds streaming overhead. As a matter of fact, lots of clouds will be around during this warm-up and we'll still be near record territory - a testament to the overwhelmingly warm airmass that is invading our region.

Warmth will peak on two specific days: Thursday and Saturday. It's in that time that we could break high temperature records of 65 (recorded on each day). The only thing giving us pause is the wind direction. It could be favorable on Thursday (coming from the southwest), but I'm more confident we'll see the low 60s in the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH. Saturday it is outrageously warm with dewpoints climbing into the 50s (humid for February standards), so despite an UNfavorable wind from the SSE, we should still be able to snap the record of 65... with a few afternoon t-storms to boot!!

Strap yourselves in for a wild ride.

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