New England

It's Official! Boston Hits 3rd Recorded Heat Wave This Summer

As of 3 p.m. Friday, a few locations reached 90 degrees, officially making it a heat wave for Providence, Rhode Island, Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston.

To make it a heat wave, you need to reach 90 degrees or higher for at least three days in a row. Believe it or now, some locations have reached 90 degrees or more for their fourth day in a row, like Hartford, Connecticut.

A few locations, especially in Connecticut and Rhode Island, could reach 90 Saturday, but it’s likely that most locations will be just shy of 90 as we will see increasing cloud cover over the course of the day.

An approaching cold front charges from the northwest, trying to usher in the cool Canadian air, but this will be combating with the warm, tropical air mass that’s responsible for a recent heat.

The warmth prevails Saturday, but the cool air wins Sunday. However, where these air masses collide is where we see the potential for rain. Rain chances likely late Saturday night into early Sunday, then we see a break in the rain Sunday afternoon, but we cannot rule out a chance for a spotty shower. With a change in wind direction Sunday, along with the cloud cover, it will be noticeably (and for most, refreshingly) cooler Sunday.

As we look towards the work week, the cooler air sticks around Monday and into early Tuesday along with the rain chances. Wednesday looks like the driest day out of the week, before storms slides in Thursday afternoon and into Friday. Plus, highs will return into the 80s as early as next Thursday and Friday.

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