Video Showing Alleged Dog Abuse in Holliston Sparks Animal Cruelty Probe

The video was turned over to police late last month and they say criminal charges are pending against the trainer

WARNING: The video above contains footage that may be difficult to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.

A Massachusetts dog trainer is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly abusing a dog she had in her care — in an incident that was caught on camera.

In cellphone video obtained by NBC10 Boston, you can hear the dog panting while he's tied to a moving treadmill. Moments later, the video shows the trainer apparently kicking or swiftly moving the dog with her leg, then yanking the dog around through the air by his leash.

The video was allegedly taken two years ago during a dog training session at a location confirmed by employees to be Holliston Meadows Pet Resort, Holliston police say.

It was turned over to police late last month and they say criminal charges are pending against the trainer.

The owner of the pet training facility did not return our calls seeking comment. We're not identifying the trainer because she hasn't yet been officially charged.

She has been summoned to court on Nov. 7.

Dog owners were horrified by the video.

"It's hard, it's hard. It makes you worried because, obviously, you drop your pet off and think you’re trusting them to a professional and it's going to be alright and that’s– that was hard to take," Christian Hoffman said.

"Honestly it makes me think that she's more than a little disturbed because people who can treat animals like that, I can imagine would treat people like that as well," added Julie Killroy. "We think of our dog as a person."

"I think it’s horrible. My cousin's husband is a dog trainer and I've never seen anything like this before,” Alexis Spallone said.

Nate Hoffman added, "I have a dog at home. I love her a lot and that would break my heart if that happened to her."

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