‘It All Adds Up': Expert Has Tips to Save Money on Monthly Bills

Consumer finance expert Andrea Woroch has some advice for those looking to curb their costs

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People are always looking for a way to save, but sometimes where to start is the biggest hurdle.

One financial expert says a good place to start is with your monthly bills. Keeping more cash in your wallet could be as simple as strategy.



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"Look within your own monthly budget," said consumer finance expert Andrea Woroch. "You could be wasting money without realizing."

She has some helpful hacks to get yourself started. The first is to do a tech check.
She says you should unplug your electronics even if they're in the off mode. One simple trick she suggests is to use a power strip.

"The Department of Energy says this could account for 10% of your household utility bill," said Woroch. "This is a huge area of savings, especially because it's simple."

Next, single out your cellphone. She says studies have shown 90% of mobile users waste money on unlimited data plans.

"Look to see how much data you're actually using and compare it to different plans with that wireless carrier," Woroch suggested. "Even if it's only $5 to $10 a month savings. Hey, it all adds up."

Check out the online only wireless companies. Woroch says they often pass significant savings off to customers.

Wireless service is also available in bulk.

"So you buy a plan, you can buy a three-month, six-month or 12-month plan," Woroch said. "The more you buy, the more you save."

Be sure of your insurance. Double check your deductible and bundle your plans. Woroch recommends shopping your home and auto policies often. One suggestion she gives is to check out

"You just enter in your zip code, and they'll pull up different providers in your area, both the national companies and maybe those small providers you wouldn't have thought to check," she said.

Also, don't forget to squash your subscriptions. Be sure to check your monthly statements and itemize recurring charges.

She gave examples like "$3.99 for a photo editing app or a game app your kids signed up for or that video subscription service."

"Just list them out and then now start hacking those," she said. "You don't need all of them."

There could be free alternatives, so she suggests doing a quick search. One great resource is your local library.

"It likely offers digital platforms to stream content so you can rent digital movies, documentaries, even video games," she said. "You just need a library card."

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