Jurors See Message From Scene of South Boston Doctors' Murders

Police officers who responded to the murders of two doctors in their South Boston penthouse testified in the trial of their accused killer on Wednesday. The officers told the jury they saw words written on the wall of the doctors' condo and found two knives that prosecutors believe may have been used in the murders.

Bampumim Teixiera, 32, of Chelsea, Massachusetts, is charged with killing doctors Lina Bolanos and Richard Field in May of 2017. Teixiera was once a doorman in couple's building and was found inside their unit the night of the killings.

Lt. Det. Daniel Duff testified that a kitchen knife was found in the 11th-floor hallway. He said officers also found a BB gun, duct tape with hair in it and a folding knife with "reddish brown stains."

Sgt. Det. Edward Meade recalled what he saw on the wall of the doctors' condo.

"There was a wall with photos – like photos of people on trips, and a couple of the photos had been crossed out," Meade said. "There were also some words written like, 'Payback' and 'You killed my wife.' That's what I observed."

Teixeira has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and armed home invasion.

Before the jury left for the Thanksgiving holiday, they had to watch a 20-minute video of the gruesome crime scene. Some of the jurors put their hands over their mouths as they watched. They will return on Monday for more testimony.

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