Man Caught on Camera Breaking Into Worcester Home

A man has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a woman's home in Worcester, Massachusetts, and trying to steal her groceries.

David Rand was arraigned in Worcester District Court Wednesday on charges of breaking and entering a residence to commit a felony, larceny in a building, trespass, resisting arrest, and misleading a police investigation.

Investigators said he started his day by walking into a three-decker on Acton Street.

Surveillance video appears to show Rand peering into an apartment, then turning the camera after realizing he was being recorded.

The man who lives there, who only gave his first name of "Mike" out of fear of retribution, said he found Rand in the third floor hallway.

"I approached him and asked him why he was in there," said Mike. "[He] said he was looking for vacant or available apartments, and I told him he was lying."

Mike's wife was already on the phone with police as Rand allegedly made his escape down the block.

According to police, 45 minutes later, Rand was found a block away on Houghton Street trying to steal supplies from a woman's shed.

"When I saw the door open, I'm like thinking to myself, 'Why would my daughter leave the door open? I'm going to go yell at her,' until I saw the guy come walking out," said Christine, who also asked for only her first name to be used.

Christine said Rand was using her laundry basket to pack up her Lysol, Windex and bleach.

"I went outside and confronted him and he told me he was just getting some products," said Christine. "I said, 'Out of my shed?' and he said, 'Well, you're not using them.'"

She then called her husband and the man, again, ran away.

Police were able to track Rand down an hour later as he was trying to jog away down the street.

Rand is also being accused of breaking into another house two days earlier.

Police said they were able to match him up using surveillance video.

Rand is being held on $10,000 cash bail.

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