Dorchester District Court

Man Arrested in Connection With Dorchester Store Robbery

One man has been arrested and another is still at large following a robbery at a convenience store in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood late Thursday night.

Twenty-one-year-old Joshua Westbrook of Quincy was arrested and arraigned Friday afternoon in Dorchester District Court.

According to police, the other suspect remains at large.

Nuruddin Mahmood, the store clerk at the Community Convenience Store in Dorchester, was at the front of the store when Westbrook and the other suspect entered the store just before closing time at midnight.

Suddenly, as security camera footage shows, one of them jumped over the counter and started punching Mahmood.

"He jump from my front side and he pushing me, you see that on the video, and after they take the money," Mahmood said.

During the scuffle, the other man reached behind the counter and grabbed cash from the register.

"He took money from my register, like not more than 100 bucks, actually," said store owner Pribel Brule.

Westbrook and the other suspect then ran out of the store. Police were able to apprehend Westbrook, but the other suspect got away.

Mahmood was back at work Friday afternoon. He said he is still sore, but glad the suspects were not carrying a gun.

"He is boxing me here. You know. Still I'm still in pain," Mahmood said, pointing to his chest and face. "And here, he is boxing me here. Last night, there was too much blood."

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