Man Robbed By Group After Being Knocked Unconscious

A man was attacked from behind in Worcester, Massachusetts while walking to his car.

Police are investigating a violent robbery where an unconscious man was robbed by a group of people in Worcester, Massachusetts Monday evening.

A 41-year-old male victim was attacked from behind on Mt. Pleasant Street while walking to his car around 11:20 p.m., according to police. The attacker struck the victim in the head and knocked him unconscious before striking him again when he fell to the ground.

The attacker took something from the victim’s pockets and fled the scene.

A group of people walked to the victim and began to go through his clothes. They took his keys and used them to enter his car. They took several items before leaving the scene.

The victim regained consciousness and was able to give a lucid description of the events when police arrived. He was transported to the hospital with a possible head injury

This investigation is ongoing.

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