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Massive Storm From NYC Making Its Way to New England

Downpours from New York City are heading toward New England and are expected to slam the region with strong gusts, the chance of localized flooding and thunder in some areas.

The showers began south on Friday morning, hitting the Cape and Islands first before the rain takes over the rest of the region. Rain will become increasingly steady as the day continues, with winds really ramping up around lunchtime. Central New Hampshire should take extra caution since the rain will initially mix with recent cold air to make for a few icy roads.

The heaviest downpours will arrive Friday evening, threatening to bring the chance of localized urban street flooding, river flooding and increasing the possibility of hydroplaning.

Rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning will increase Friday evening, potentially knocking out power to some areas. The Cape and islands could see gusts of over 50 mph. Friday’s showers are expected to deliver about 2 inches of rain around Boston.

Despite the downpours, temperatures will be mild with highs reaching into the 60s for most. Most spots will have 50-degree weather during the evening.

If the rain’s got you down, don’t fret! Leftovers of the rain are expected to continue through Saturday lunchtime, then clear for a better end to the weekend.

Snow showers are possible Monday morning, really the closest thing we have to a white Christmas for this year.

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