MBTA Bus Driver Helps Lost 10-Year-Old Girl

Video shows a lost 10-year-old girl from Chelsea, Massachusetts, getting onto an MBTA bus Tuesday. That vehicle's driver is being praised for his role in helping to find her.

MBTA bus operator Michael Clooney is being commended for spotting the girl wandering in the middle of busy Route 1 in Revere and bringing her to safety.

"I accidentally started daydreaming during the bus, so I eventually missed my stop, and landed in Maverick — the T station," said Yovana Espinoza.

She tried to correct her mistake, but she got even more lost and ended up walking along Route 1.

Espinoza's mom called police when she didn't get off the bus at the right time, and around 5:20 p.m., police notified all bus operators in the area to be on the lookout.

"Anything could happen to me in the streets, so I got scared," she said.

Her mom, Loreny Reyes, says she was terrified because there's "so much danger in the streets."

Clooney gave Espinoza a bottle of water and reported to dispatch that he picked her up.

The bus continued into Wonderland, where it was met by MBTA Transit Police, and Espinoza was safe and sound.

"When I saw my mother back again, I was felt really relieved," she said.

MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak called Clooney to thank him for the hard work and dedication, saying he was particularly thoughtful Tuesday in Revere.

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