MBTA Considers Purchasing More Red Line Cars to Increase Capacity

The new cars could increase capacity by about 50 percent

The MBTA is considering purchasing more Red Line cars, a move the agency says could increase passenger capacity by about 50 percent.

According to the Boston Globe, adding additional cars would mean a Red Line train would come every 3 minutes instead of every 4.5 minutes.

The agency already plans to replace 86 of the Red Line cars to improve service in addition to adding about two dozen additional cars.

If approved, the two dozen additional cars would allow the system to carry 50 percent more passengers per hour which equates to about 10,000 passengers.

The cars presently service about 20,000 customers per hour.

The agency has set aside about $200 million to update the 86 cars currently in service.

It is unclear how much the new cars would cost.

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