Meet StormRanger

Meet StormRanger

Delivering You the Most Accurate Weather Forecast

The most powerful tools are essential for the most up-to-date and accurate forecasts of potentially dangerous weather events. StormRanger is a weather tracking powerhouse on wheels.

Certified by WeatheRate as most accurate, our NBC Boston First Alert Weather team works tirelessly to provide you with a full picture so you can best prepare for the day ahead or to protect yourself and your family from any potential weather-related dangers. StormRanger is another instrument in our arsenal to provide you with the most complete picture of weather anywhere.

StormRanger's high-resolution, dual-polarization radar beam seamlessly detects rain, storms, tornadoes and more. The radar's 75-mile range, faster rate of rotation and location on the ground provides a more detailed look into the gaps other radars miss.

The latest technology means StormRanger has outright faster updates, better accuracy and quicker detection of changes in weather.

“StormRanger is a nimble tool that we place in the path of thunderstorms and ahead of Nor’Easters and coastal storms to highlight the details that fixed, conventional radar often miss," NBC10 Boston meteorologist Pete Bouchard said. "It’s up-to-the-second updates outline precipitation (and damaging winds) and transpose that onto neighborhoods, roads and landscapes to give us the most accurate trajectories to keep viewers safe and informed."

StormRanger in Action

During snowstorms, StormRanger can find the rain/snow line, the area where rain can turn into ice or snow, resulting in a more accurate outlook — down to inches — on snowfall measurement.

For tornado threats, our meteorologists can use StormRanger's dual polarization to detect types of precipitation and debris in the air, helping us further in being a step ahead of the danger. The strength of the radar allows StormRanger to detect when a tornado hits the ground when it causes damage and kicks up debris.

During fire season, StormRanger can continue to be an asset to the public as well as fire departments and government leaders. StormRanger’s X-band radar can detect smoke particles, giving you a clear picture of dangerous smoke plumes.

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How StormRanger Gives You the Most Accurate Information

StormRanger is a Doppler radar on wheels. It can easily move to where the storm is headed and fills in gaps left by the current fixed radar network.

Location of the radar closer to the ground allows us to see into a storm in a way that radar mounted tens or hundreds of feet higher can’t.

The shorter 75-mile range and faster rate of rotation ensures faster updates, better accuracy, and quicker detection of changes in storm structure – which means a more detailed look into the gaps other radars miss.

The high-resolution, dual-pol radar beam allows detection of snow, hail, and even the debris field associated with a tornado.

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