‘Mighty Quinn' Prepares for Another Battle Against Cancer As He Celebrates His 5th Birthday

The Quincy, Massachusetts, Police Department and Brewster Ambulance assisted Quinn Waters in celebrating his fifth birthday as he undergoes radiation and chemotherapy.

As Quinn Waters, also known as "The Mighty Quinn," prepares to celebrate his fifth birthday on Feb. 10, he is also preparing for another battle against cancer.

The Quincy Fire Department and Brewster Ambulance Service cheered on the son of Officer Tara Waters as they wished him a happy birthday, the Quincy Police Department tweeted.

Quinn was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, a tumor on the brain stem, in 2019 according to a Facebook page in his name.

Quinn's treatment left him with a weakened immune system which forced him into an approximately 100 day isolation period in 2019. 

While Quinn underwent isolation he had window visits from singing police officers, Dropkick Murphys and even a video message from Tom Brady. 

Quinn's family announced on Feb. 1 that his most recent MRI scan showed new cancer on his brain.

Quinn will now be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, according to the tweet.

His family is advocating for blood and platelet donations on his Facebook page following his diagnosis. 

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