necn Investigates: Uber Driver Who Crashed Has Long History of Driving Violations

The Uber driver who crashed into a Boston home Wednesday has a long driving history with more than a dozen moving violations, necn Investigates has learned.

The list of violations includes speeding, suspensions and a number of other crashes.

Jean Caillot, 58, was at the wheel with a passenger in the back seat when police say his Toyota SUV crashed into a brick home on Pinckney street in Back Bay. He was in a minor crash moments earlier and apparently lost control before crashing into the brownstone.

The passenger, Jessica Vivar, was stuck in the back seat of the SUV until firefighters pulled her rout. She was taking an Uber to a business meeting in Beacon Hill when a car clipped theirs, sending it out of control.

"I saw this car come out of nowhere and hit us," she said. "When I told him to slow down, he said 'I can't.'"

Boston Police have not issued any citations for this crash and believe it was a simple accident. That said, the Uber driver's history is significant. His driving record dates back to 1986 and includes eight speeding citations, four citations for failure to stop and seven surchargeable accidents. His license has been suspended at least a half dozen times.

We've reached out to Uber to get their reaction. According to their website, a driver must have a "clean driving record" to drive for Uber in Boston, but it doesn't define what "clean" is. Uber responded and said the driver did meet the qualifications, allowing no more than three minor violations in the past three years and no major violations, such as OUI or evading police, in seven years.

Moreover, the new state ride sharing law, passed earlier this year, would stop drivers with more than four traffic violations or one major violation in the last three years from becoming drivers, but Caillot had two incidents in the last three years — a crash in Watertown and an improper turn.

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