NH Voters Split on Prospect of Biden After Presidential Announcement

With former Vice President Joe Biden officially jumping into the political fray for the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday, voters in New Hampshire are paying close attention.

"My early days of barbering, you couldn't talk politics or religion," recalled Robert Roberge, owner of La Legion Barber Shop.

But now, political talk is everywhere, including inside the Nashua barbershop, where politicians sometimes stop to glad-hand with the state's first-in-the-nation primary voters.

Roberge is an ardent Trump supporter and doesn't think Biden running will help the Democrats.

"He hurts the Democrats because there's a lot of dirt that's going to come out, right? I mean, they're going to dig in now," Roberge said.

Down the street at the Riverwalk Cafe, voters are mixed on whether Biden's candidacy is a good thing.

"I'm a little bit concerned about some of the allegations and his ability to be relevant to some of the current issues, but I also think he has some good policies," said Alex Harris of Manchester.

With 20 Democratic presidential candidates now vying to take on Trump, even some who say they would support Biden if he were to become the nominee aren't sure he should be the nominee.

"We already have so many good candidates running," said Kara Gingras of Dover. "I think it'd be -- he had more power and more input if he were to support someone and help guide someone at this point."

"Joe Biden is not a young man. Does he have the energy and the stamina to carry him through the race, and then through the difficulties of being the president?" asked Leslie Claridge of Dover.

At 76, Biden is more than twice the age of the Democrats' youngest candidate, Pete Buttigieg. But he's only four years older than President Trump.

It remains to be seen whether age will be a determining factor.

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