Teen Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of the MBTA

Miles Taylor probably knows more about the intricacies of public transit in Massachusetts than anyone else in the state - including the MBTA itself.

The 18-year-old Cambridge high school senior has reviewed every MBTA subway station and bus route in the region on his blog Miles on the MBTA. Hundreds of hours and many, many miles, have brought him to strange places and given him a unique perspective on the region.

He takes these “Transit Adventures,” as he calls them, very seriously and analyzes the pros and cons of each station/route with a fine-toothed comb. Benches, bathrooms, ridership, schedules, stairways and doorways are all put under his microscope before he gives his final verdict.

The MBTA itself has even made map corrections and bus route changes thanks to this young expert’s feedback. That might also be why they decided to bring the aspiring consultant on board as an intern this summer.

Find out more about Miles during our journey from North Station to Lowell, North Billerica and back again in the video above. And don’t miss his spot-on impression of the transit announcements that haunt commuters each and every day.

Check out Miles' 5 Best and Top 5 Worst subway stations in the Boston area:

The Best

Miles’ 5 Best MBTA Subway Stations

The Worst

Miles’ 5 Worst MBTA Subway Stations

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