New England

Patriots Fans Adhere to Superstitions Before Super Bowl

Superstitions, rituals and bizarre habits are happening all over New England. Even though fans aren't on the sidelines, they truly believe they are helping the Patriots from their living rooms.

Whether it's a chant or a touchdown dance, there are some unique ways people believe they are going to help the Patriots with a Super Bowl win.

Joe Moray says it's tradition to cook meals from the opposing teams hometown, and then say "this is huge" with a quirky accent whenever the game gets close.

Rebecca Hallahan says they have family juju. The whole family has to watch it together, and if you're not there and the Patriots lose, you're getting blamed. They also gobble when the Patriots score a touchdown.

Whatever you do, people truly believe it will make or break the game even though they may be talentless when it comes to football and miles away. Forget the Patriots and the countless practice hours, training, experience, and expertise, because if a fan isn't doing their usual touchdown dance, everything could go off the rails.

Wileen Snow said in her home no one is allowed to eat until halftime, and Maureen Arinberg said when the Patriots are trailing, no one is allowed to move.

Jon Factor has to wear a certain outfit, and whoever he is with has to sit in certain positions. If the Patriots start to lose, he makes people change position. He even showed us an Instagram video documenting the quirkiness.

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