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‘Public Enemy #1': Patriots Fans React to Roger Goodell's Surprise Visit to Gillette Stadium for Preseason Opener

As you would expect, most fans were unhappy the NFL Commissioner showed up

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell showed up to Gillette Stadium on Thursday night for the New England Patriots' preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars and many fans were not happy.

Goodell was in owner Robert Kraft's suite at the start of the game.

The visit prompted lots of reaction on social media, most of them negative comments. It was Goodell's first game in New England since suspending quarterback Tom Brady for his role in the "Deflategate" scandal.

@fearLizness17 tweeted, "I actually CANNOT BELIEVE that Roger Goodell showed up at Gillette Stadium tonight, do ya not realize you're public enemy #1??????"

"Haha, I hear Patriots fans yelling ROGER! Goodell is there tonight. #JAXvsNE," Andrew Gibson added.

One group of fans even posed for a photo with Goodell, prompting backlash on social media.

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@PatsNews1 tweeted, "If you're a patriots fan and you took a picture with Roger goodell you're not a patriots fan."

Maria D added, "@NFLprguy @nflcommish @Chiefs @Patriots Does Goodell really think any legitimate Patriots fan would believe a Pats fan would pose for a picture with him? Nice try, NFL propaganda."

However, some fans are just hoping to move past the Goodell controversy.

@TimMboSlice_ tweeted, "I don't get Pats fans who are still as furious with Goodell as they were in 2015. He handed us the trophy guys. We won, get over it."

"People are actually mad at those who took pic with Goodell? Get a grip," Jay Kenney added.

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