Marc Fortier

PD: Maine Teacher Had Sex With Student

New information surfaced Thursday about the criminal case against former Kennebunk High School health teacher Jill Lamontagne.

The 29-year-old was indicted by a York County grand jury on 14 counts of sexual abuse charges relating to an alleged affair with a 17-year-old student.

According to Kennebunk Police Chief Bob MacKenzie, the department first heard of the allegations in April, but could not corroborate the alleged victim's story.

The student's mother filed a protection order against Lamontagne last summer, alleging that the student had attempted suicide and told hospital staff and his aunt that he was upset about a sexual relationship with his teacher.

According to court documents, the student sid that he had sexual encounters with his former teacher in the classroom, at her home, and in a car.

"We could not corroborate it at that time, but since then, we had additional information that came forward, and we re-opened the case," MacKenzie said.

Lamontagne's attorney, Scott Gardner, called the allegations nothing more than a "rumor" based on the "sexual fantasies of a 17-year-old."

"These charges will be fought tooth and nail, because they're false," Gardner said.

Lamontagne posted $1,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in December.

"She's a dedicated teacher, and she's absolutely devastated by this whole situation," Gardner said.

The superintendent of RSU 21 did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday. Lamontagne resigned from the school district this fall.

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