Plenty of Sunshine in Store for Weekend

The much-advertised beautiful weekend weather has finally arrived!

Sunshine and mild temperatures will stay in New England through Monday as a large dome of high-pressure crests overhead. High pressure is the term often given to areas of fair weather, because the center of the fair weather cell boasts the highest barometric air pressure in the vicinity.

A high barometer reading comes from increased pressure put on the ground from the molecules in the atmosphere overhead, which are sinking at the center of a high pressure dome.

Sinking air not only increases the pressure on the ground, but also is the opposite of how clouds and precipitation are made. Those both require rising air that cools upon ascent, causing condensation that forms the clouds. So, sinking air means no healthy cloud growth and dry weather, hence our forecast for the weekend.

The next chance of rain won’t come until this high pressure cell moves far enough away, which will likely be either Monday night or Tuesday. Until then, a light prevailing wind will allow for sea breezes to develop each afternoon Friday through Sunday.

That means high temperatures may briefly rise into the 70s at the coast each day, then likely cool during the afternoon as the sea breeze intensifies. Meanwhile, inland locales will rise to and even beyond 80 degrees.

It appears a southerly wind may increase enough on Monday to offset the sea breeze, meaning 80 degree temperatures may end up all the way to the coast.

Tuesday’s increased chance of showers and thunder comes with a weakening storm center likely to break into pieces and perhaps give us a dry Wednesday before another piece of energy arrives Thursday into Friday.

From this early view, it looks like that disturbance may move quickly enough to be out by next weekend for good weather on Father’s Day weekend.

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