Police Looking for Owner of Dead Dog Found Discarded in Trash Bag

The dog was a small, mixed breed adult "pocket pitbull"

Police in Fitchburg, Massachusetts are looking for the owner of a dead dog found discarded in a trash bag on the side of the street last month.

The dog - a small, mixed breed adult "pocket pitbull" - was found on Jan. 12 in the area of Howard and Prescott streets in a black plastic trash bag.

The dog weighed about 35 pounds and was covered in white fur with freckled black spots. His ears were black, with black fur covering his left eye and black fur on the base of his tail. A picture of the dog is posted on the Fitchburg Police Facebook page.

Warning: the photo is extremely graphic and may be disturbing to some.

Anyone with information on the dog's owner is urged to call Detective Dave Daigle at 978-345-9650, Ext. 1239 or email him at

Police did not say if the owner could face charges.

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