Missing Dog Found Dead of Possible Coyote Attack in Reading

As a precaution, police in Reading have issued precautions for pet owners to take

Police in Reading, Massachusetts, are warning residents after a missing dog was found dead and a coyote was found nearby.

Authorities say the dog, which had been missing for a couple of hours, was found dead by its owner in the Town Forest early this week.

A coyote nearby was scared off by the dog's owner but authorities can't confirm if the animal killed the dog.

As a precaution, police issued some precautions on their Facebook page for pet owners living in the area:

  • Keep your dogs on a leash even in areas where you are not required to
  • Keep small pets close to you
  • Avoid leaving food outside for your pets as this will attract all sorts of animals
  • Bird feeders could also draw unwanted animals into your yard

"We are very fortunate to have a large and diverse wildlife population in Reading that has adapted to live among us. But this brings certain increased risks when humans and animals live in such close proximity," read a Facebook post from Reading Police.

Authorities said anyone who sees any type of wild animal acting aggressively should immediately call police.

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