Realistic ‘Hangman' Display Draws Intense Reaction

A realistic Halloween display depicting a man hanging from a tree is haunting one Massachusetts neighborhood, but it's getting mixed reaction from people in the area.

The owner of the hangman being displayed in Sudbury didn't want to speak on camera, but he says he actually built it with his children to help them get over their fears during the Halloween holiday and learn about the relationship between computers, motors, and gears.

But does it go too far? Some neighbors in Sudbury think so and have expressed their frustration on Facebook. Several say their children often pass by it while walking to the park. Some have even complained to police in town. Other neighbors, like Roberto Carvalho, don't mind.

"It's surprising, I suppose. He has the right to express himself. It is a little over the top, I find," Carvalho said. "But you know, that's my opinion."

The owner of the home released a statement to NBC Boston that reads, in part, "Our creation is a contemporary statement on Man's struggles with technology in a modern society. Like all art, it does cause some controversy and is ultimately up to each individual to interpret as they see fit. I can only hope it provides a vehicle for tough conversations that touches on many topics."

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